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Healthy Communities Wyandotte

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In 2009, Wyandotte County was ranked last in the State in terms of health compared to other counties. To address the health disparities in the community, an initial dialogue was held that involved three groups of community stakeholders: institutional executives, organizational advocates, and grass roots community leaders.

Out of these discussions emerged a new initiative: Healthy Communities Wyandotte. This is a broad-based community coalition with five focus areas: Education, Communication, Access to Health Care, Infrastructure, and Access to Healthy Foods. This group has been working for the last five years to address the specific health criteria identified in the county health rankings.

I have been involved with our county health coalition since its inception in 2009, midway through my first term as a Unified Government Commissioner. Now, as Mayor, I have made advancing the health of our community one of the signature priorities of my administration.

To date, Healthy Communities Wyandotte has accomplished some great things, including:

  • Passing a Complete Streets policy and Sidewalk and Trails Master Plan  
  • Constructing our first bike lane in the County on Southwest Blvd in June 2013  
  • Establishing a $500,000 Unified Government/Hollywood Casino annual grant fund dedicated to expanding nutrition and physical activity programs in Wyandotte County  
  • Completing a food summit dedicated to expanding information, knowledge and planning for accessing healthy food in Wyandotte County.  

We are currently working with Gould Evans Architects on a master plan for the Healthy Campus. This planning process kicked off on May 8th with a town hall meeting to engage the community. This was a successful event with over 270 community members in attendance. Below you’ll find links to the slide presentation delivered at the meeting and the full list of community input received. Thanks for your interest in this exciting project and please check back regularly for updates.

Healthy Campus

Downtown Healthy Campus Plan
Choice Neighborhood Grant Presentation

Town Hall Meeting
Tuesday, August 19, 2014




Healthy Campus Presentation
Thursday, October 9, 2014


To get involved with our Healthy Communities Wyandotte effort, please call Wesley McKain at 913-573-8833.  

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