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District Attorney Mark A. Dupree, Sr.


District Attorney

Criminal Justice Complex
710 N. 7th St
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Phone: 913-573-2851
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Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

 Child in Need of Care

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Who is a Child In Need of Care?
Child in Need of Care FAQ

 KS Legal Aid

Child Support Information

The Kansas Law, relating to children, is called the Kansas Code for the Care of Children.  Under that law, there are eleven definitions for the court to use in declaring a child to be one who should be under the jurisdiction of the court.  These include such things as:
  • Being a child who is not receiving adequate parental care, supervision or control, and this is not due entirely because of the family’s financial situation;
  • Some children may be out of the parent’s control, or not in sufficient control to meet their physical, emotional, or mental needs;
  • Children who are being physically, mentally emotionally, or sexually abused, or may be neglected by their parents or caretakers;
  • Children who are placed for adoption or care in violation of the law
  • Abandoned children;
  • Children who are aged 7 to 18 and are not complying with the school attendance laws;
  • Children under ten years old who commit a crime;
  • Children who are runaways from home, or from their court-ordered placement;
  • Children who commit acts which are unlawful for persons under the age of 18 to do, but this does not include:  1)  purchase of alcohol or beer; 2) purchase of a parimutuel ticket at a racetrack; 3) purchase of, or possession of tobacco products; or 4) possession of firearms.
  • Children who leave their court ordered placement twice or more times, without permission.
  • Children who live in the same home with a sibling who has been abused or neglected.