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District Attorney Mark A. Dupree, Sr.



District Attorney

710 N. 7th St
Suite 10
Phone: 913-573-2851
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Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Frequently Asked Questions


The Truancy Department is a sub division of the Juvenile District Attorney's office. The Truancy Department partners with:

group of boys

  • Wyandotte County School Districts
  • Prevention Services
  • Social and Rehabilitative Services
  • Regional Prevention Center
  • Project Heat
  • And various other local agencies to combat truancy

The key function of the Truancy Department is to review and process referrals of elementary, middle and high school students based on the current statutes relating to truancy.  The current statute,  K.S.A. § 72-1113, dictates that a student is truant if he/she misses three (3) consecutive unexcused days of school, five (5) unexcused days in a semester, or seven (7) unexcused day in a year. The statute K.S.A. § 72-1111 also says that if a student has reached their sixteenth birthday and is not categorized as special education, the student may be withdrawn from school and exempt from the compulsory school attendance laws if the parent agrees and signs them out of school.

teen groupCurrently the schools are to report a student to our office after contact has been made with the parent and the attendance has not been improved. The District Attorney's office then reviews the referral and makes the appropriate decision on the student.

The student may be referred to Prevention Services to attend the Truancy Diversion Classes, or a truancy petition can be filed with the court.