District Attorney
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District Attorney Mark A. Dupree, Sr.


District Attorney


Traffic Division
710 N. 7th St
Suite 10
Phone: 913-573-2851
Fax: 913-573-2948

Traffic Department of the Wyandotte County District Court
710 N. 7th Street,
Kansas City, Kansas
Phone: 913-573-4117


Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm  


The Traffic Division of the District Attorney’s Office is supervised by the Traffic Assistant District Attorney. The Traffic Division handles traffic cases filed by:

  • The Kansas Highway Patrol
  • The Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department
  • The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Department


Traffic cases are called at a docket held every Friday except holidays. The assigned courtroom for each case will be posted at the Court on Friday morning. Otherwise, to find out which division of the Wyandotte County District Court your case will be called, contact the traffic clerks’ office (913-573-4117). Traffic trials must be requested by the defendant at the traffic docket. Trials are held every Friday at 1:30 in Division 18 of the District Court.

If you wish to mail in your ticket and payment, send your ticket and the appropriate amount to the Traffic Department.