District Attorney
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District Attorney Mark A. Dupree, Sr.


District Attorney

Diversion Services Unit
701 N. 7th St.
Suite 10
Phone: 913-573-2851
Email: dadiversion@wycokck.org  
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm 

The Diversion Services Unit provides an alternative to prosecution for qualifying defendants and prompt repayment of restitution to victims.  Diversion refers defendants in criminal cases to a supervised performance program prior to adjudication.  If a defendant fulfills all the terms and conditions set for in a diversion agreement, all charges against him or her will be dismissed.  All authority for diversion lies with the District Attorney.  Disposing of cases through diversion must prove to be in the interests of justice and of benefit to the defendant and the community. 

The Diversion Services Unit accepts the following types of cases:

For more information regarding eligibility requirements, download the appropriate policy and application.  If you have further questions, contact the Diversion Services Unit at dadiversion@wycokck.org or (913) 573-2851.