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Early Voting  



Early voting Options

Early Voting Application  

Early Ballots by Mail  

Marking Your Ballot  

Make Sure Your Vote Counts

Eligibility    top  


All Kansas registered voters are eligible to vote an Early Ballot. If you vote early, you are not eligible to vote again at a polling place. However, if you apply to vote early and do not, you are still eligible to vote at a polling place. Do not attempt to vote more than once at any election. Voting more than once at any election is a crime.

Early Voting Options     top   

Wyandotte County voters have two options for casting their ballot before Election Day.

1. Vote early in person  

Voting early in person provides the traditional voting experience on a less traditional schedule.


Wyandotte County Election Office: 850 State Ave, Kansas City, KS   


2. Vote Early by Mail  

  • Registered voters must apply for an early ballot for each election. A separate application form must be completed for each individual voter and for each election.
  • If you have a permanent illness or disability that makes it difficult or impossible to go in person to vote at your polling place, you may apply for permanent early voter status. Call the Election Office, (913) 573-8500, to obtain the Application for Permanent Early Voting Status. Permanent early voters automatically receive a ballot by mail for every election.

 Early Voting Application    top  

  • To vote by mail, download and print the Application for Early Voting Ballot. You must complete and sign the application in order to receive a ballot.
  • Request an early ballot in advance to ensure sufficient time for mailing both the Application for the Early Voting Ballot and mailing the ballot.
  • An early voting applicant must provide with the application a Kansas Driver's license number, or Kansas state identification card number, or a copy of one of the other forms of photo ID specified in section 2 of the application. Failure to provide required identification with the application will result in the voter receiving a provisional ballot. The voted provisional ballot cannot be counted unless the voter provides the required photo identification.
  • You can fax or mail your completed application to the Election Office up to 4 months (120 days) before an election.
  • The deadline for submitting an application to receive a ballot by mail is Friday of the week before Election Day. However, applicants, whose applications are received just prior to the deadline, risk not receiving a ballot if the mail is not delivered timely.

 Early Ballots by Mail    top  


  • Ballots for early voters will be mailed beginning 20 days prior to each election.
  • Voted ballots must be returned and received in the Election Office no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day to be counted. Your early ballot will not be counted if you leave your ballot at a polling place or if it is received after 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Marking Your Ballot    top  


  • Read and follow the instructions that come with your ballot.
  • Vote the ballot yourself. Do not let another person tell you how you should vote.
  • If you make a mistake on your ballot, contact the Election Office for a replacement ballot.
  • After you mark your ballot, insert it in the ballot envelope.
  • Sign your name and write your current address on the outside of the ballot return envelope where indicated. Do not remove the envelope privacy flap.



  • If you require assistance in marking your ballot, the person assisting you must also sign the Affidavit of Assistance on the back of the ballot envelope.
  • If you do require assistance in marking your ballot, be certain that the person assisting you can be trusted and is NOT with a political campaign, your employer, agent of employer, or officer or agent of a union to which you are a member.
  • Seal the envelope, apply the correct amount of postage, and mail your voted ballot.
  • You may also deliver the voted early ballot to the Election Office.
  • If you have someone else return your ballot for you, you must write the name of the person on the return envelope that you have chosen in the section provided for this.
  • All voted ballots must be received in the Election Office no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Make Sure Your Vote Counts    top  


  • Don't forget to SIGN AND WRITE YOUR ADDRESS where indicated on the outside of the ballot envelope before sealing the envelope.

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