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Election Commissioner Bruce Newby


Election Office



Absentee Voting by Military and Overseas Civilians

Federal Service 


Who Qualifies as a Federal Service Voter?

  • Members of the Uniformed Services are defined as the U.S. Armed Forces, Merchant Marine, commissioned corps of the Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 
  • U.S. Citizens (18 years or older) residing outside the United States.
  • U.S. Citizens overseas by virtue of employment.
  • Accompanying spouse or adult dependent.


How Do I Register to Vote?

To register, complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) and mail it to the Election Office.

Postage is already on this card.  You may obtain this card from the U.S. Embassy, your Commanding Officer or Voting Assistance Officer.

If you are unable to obtain the Federal Post Card Application from one of the above sources, you may print the FPCA online.  Remember to add postage to this card.

Kansas does not require the form to be notarized or witnessed.

Your application is valid for one calendar year.  You are eligible to receive all ballots issued during the calendar year at the address you give on the FPCA.  If you move or are re-assigned during any calendar year, please be sure to send a new FPCA so you can receive your ballots.  Election mail cannot be forwarded.  The Election Office needs your current address.

The completed FPCA may be sent by mail, email or fax.

    Mail to:

    Wyandotte County Election Office

    850 State Avenue

    Kansas City, KS 66101

    Email: election@wycokck.org

    Fax to: Wyandotte County Election Office at 913-573-8580

For complete details on overseas and military voters, go to the Federal Voter Assistance Program.


When Will I Receive a Ballot?

Federal Service ballots are sent not later than 45 days prior to Election Day to all federal services voters with FPCAs on file.  Ballots are also promptly sent to federal voters who send FPCAs during the 45-day period before an election.  You must specify on the FPCA whether you want to receive a ballot by mail, email, or by fax.

If you submitted an FPCA prior to the 45-day period and have not received your ballot within three weeks before the election, contact the Election Office at (913) 573-8500, or by fax at (913) 573-8580 or email at election@wycokck.org.


Why Can't I Use the Application for an Advance Voting Ballot on this Web Site?

The Application for an Advance Voting Ballot posted elsewhere on this web site does not apply to Federal Service Voters.  Please do not submit this application.  The FPCA, when used by Federal Service voters, gives federal voters specific rights, including an early mailing date and receiving and returning your ballot by email, which are not available to you if you use the Advance Ballot Application.


How Do I Return My Ballot?

You may mail your ballot to the Wyandotte County Election Office in the return envelope provided.

You may fax your ballot by following the instructions enclosed with your ballot.  If faxing the ballot, the original ballot should be mailed promptly to the Wyandotte County Election Office.

You may email your voted ballot by following the instructions provided with your ballot.

Your voted ballot along with the required affidavit must be received by the Election Office no later than 7:00 p.m. on Election Day in order for it to be counted.


When Should I use the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB)?

Federal voters may use the FWAB to vote when they have:

  • Already submitted an FPCA,
  • ballot has not been received by the federal voter, and
  • the FWAB is submitted from a location outside the United States.

If you then receive the requested federal ballot and return it by the ballot deadline, the federal ballot is counted, but not the FWAB.  Otherwise, the FWAB is counted.



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