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Picnic Shelters

City Park
27th & Park Dr.

This park covers of 90 acres, four picnic shelters, restrooms, parking areas, water fountains, lighted soccer field, four lighted softball fields.


Regan Shelter is located on the north side of Park Drive, adjacent to the Regan Ball Field and by the large playground and sand volleyball pit. The shelter has 5 tables and 1 grill. There is a restroom at the ball field. This shelter does not have electricity or water.

Reagan Shelter







The Pavilion is the largest shelter in the city. It is located high on a hill above the ball fields on the south side of Park Drive. The shelter has 25 tables, 2 grills, a restroom, water and electricity. The shelter closes at 11:00 p.m.

City Park







City Park North is located at 32nd and Ford on the north side of Park Drive, across the street from the Recycling Center. The shelter has 3 tables, 1 grill, a porta-pot, 4 swings and 3 spring toys. It does not have water or electricity. Parking is on the street some distance from the shelter.

City North

 How to Reserve a Shelter

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