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Council of Community Members (CCM)

K.S.A. 30-64-31 established the Council of Community Members in each CDDO area. The Council of Community Members expresses opinions and makes recommendations to the governing board of the CDDO concerning any service delivery issues.

The CCM consists of volunteer members - a majority of whom are made up of persons with a developmental disability, family members or guardians of a person with a developmental disability receiving services in Wyandotte County, and includes affiliates (agencies that provide developmental disability services) of WCDDO and representatives of WCDDO. The CCM meets at least quarterly and at other times as necessary. The meetings are open to the public.

CCM's Mission is to:
  • Advise Unified Government as to projects, programs and activities related to people with disabilities
  • Develop and implement plans and programs to comply with governmental regulations concerning people with disabilities
  • Provide informational and referral services to people with disabilities and their families
If you have any questions concerning the Council of Community Members (CCM) or have suggestions/concerns regarding Developmental Disability Services, please contact the CDDO Division at (913) 573-5502.

CCM Agendas & Minutes

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CCM Hours Phone Numbers
City Hall 8:00 am to 5:00 pm P: (913) 573-5460
701 N 7th Street Monday - Friday   F: (913) 573-5511
Suite 346      
Kansas City, KS      

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