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Code Enforcement
Basic Property Standards

Improving the Quality of Lives in Kansas City, Kansas

Basic Property Standards:

  • The structure must be maintained in a safe and sanitary manner and must provide all basic services such as safe electrical, heating and plumbing services and adequate exits, floor space, ventilation and light.
  • The structure must be weather and water tight, porches and stairs must be structurally sound, and any structures must be kept painted to prevent deterioration.
  • The property must be free of trash, vermin and any other health hazard.
  • There must be no inoperable vehicles, appliances or other large salvage items or large equipment stored outside. No vehicle can be parked on an unimproved surface like your lawn.
  • Grass and weeds should not be allowed to grow higher than eight inches.
  • All property must have the address posted with numbers that are at least 3 inches in height.
  • Garbage or trash cannot be set out for collection before 4pm on the day prior to the day of collection.
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Code Enforcement 8:00 am to 5:00 pm   Program Coordinator P: (913) 573-8646
4953 State Avenue Monday - Friday  Email F: (913) 573-8731
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