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Deed Requirements:

  • An original deed must be on file with the Register of Deeds Office
  • The Register of Deeds Office is located at 710 N. 7th Street on the 1st Floor, Suite 100. Their contact number is 573-2841.  
  • The legal description located on the deed should describe the actual parcel of land as well as match the information in the Tax Administration System (TAS)
  • The deed must be notarized with the month, date, and year of notarization and notary’s signature must be legible
  • Notary expiration date must be valid and date the document is notarized cannot exceed notary’s expiration date  
  • Grantor (current property owner) must match the information listed in the TAS.
  • Documents will be rejected if names on original deed do not match tax roll records
  • Grantee (recipient of the property) information will be entered exactly as it appears on the deed
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Clerk's Office Hours Hattie Smith Phone Numbers
City Hall 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Tax Levy Manager P: (913) 573-2876-0
701 N 7th Street Monday - Friday Email F: (816) 573-5005
Suite 318      
Kansas City, KS 66101       

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