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Fishing Rules and Regulations  


  1. fishing and boatingFishing at Wyandotte County Lake, Pierson and Bonner, 6:00 am to 11:30 pm. Fishermen must have vacated the parks by midnight. Big 11 Lake is open to fishing 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  2. Kansas residents 16-64 years must have a Unified Government fishing permit in their possession in addition to their State fishing license (required for ages 16-74) to fish at Wyandotte County Lake and Pierson Lake.
  3. All non-Kansas residents 16 years of age and over must have a permit. Kansas residents 75 and over are not required to purchase local or state fishing permits even if they reside in a county other than Wyandotte.
  4. Each angler is limited to 2 lines with no more than 2 baited hooks or artificial lures per line.
  5. Administration reserves the right to prohibit any or all fishing and boating at any time.
  6. Each angler must keep his/her fish on a separate individual stringer or suitable container so that Park Police can easily identify possession and creel limits.
  7. Trot lines, bank lines, jug lines, netting or seining of fish is not permitted.
  8. Anglers may fish the entire lake except where posted. NO bank fishing in the boathouse cove.
  9. Anglers must abide by State Rules & Regulations.
Size Limit  


/uploadedImages/Departments/Parks_and_Recreation/Bullet Square.png Wiper, Walleye and Smallmouth Bass must be a minimum of 18 inches long
/uploadedImages/Departments/Parks_and_Recreation/Bullet Square.png Largemouth Bass must be a minimum of 15 inches long.
/uploadedImages/Departments/Parks_and_Recreation/Bullet Square.png Catfish must be a minimum of 12 inches long
/uploadedImages/Departments/Parks_and_Recreation/Bullet Square.png Crappie must be a minimum of 9 inches long
/uploadedImages/Departments/Parks_and_Recreation/Bullet Square.png Fish not meeting the length limit must be immediately returned to the water.

Daily Possession Limits



/uploadedImages/Departments/Parks_and_Recreation/Bullet Square.png Wyandotte County Lake:  2 Wiper, 20 Crappie, 4 Trout, 5 Catfish, 2 Walleye, 5 Bass (Large or Smallmouth
/uploadedImages/Departments/Parks_and_Recreation/Bullet Square.png Pierson Lake: 3 Bass, 3 Catfish, 15 Crappie
/uploadedImages/Departments/Parks_and_Recreation/Bullet Square.png Bonner Lake: 2 Bass, 2 Catfish
/uploadedImages/Departments/Parks_and_Recreation/Bullet Square.png Big 11 Lake:  2 Catfish

No open season on frogs, snakes or turtles.



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