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Boats, Trailers and Semi-Trucks

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Boats are registered through Kansas Fish & Game (913) 894-9113. Boat registration applications may be picked up at our Clerk’s office.

Trailers have various registration types. A recreational trailer is registered similar to an auto registration. Plates and personal property tax are calculated on a prorated basis from the date of purchase to the expiration date according to the initial of your last name. A box trailer, semi-trailer, refrigeration trailer, farm trailer, flat beds, etc. are prorated by either a full year or half year being the purchase date of July 1 or later. The personal property tax is figured annually, Jan 1 to Dec. 31. The full amount or first half of the tax is due on or before Dec. 20. The last half is due by June 20 of the following year.

The weight strip affixed to the license plate indicates the gross weight (weight of the trailer and the load). The truck registration weight is for the weight of the truck, trailer, and load of both the truck and trailer. Trailer weights consist of up to 8M, 12, and >12M pounds. The registration fee varies from $18 to $38 annually.

Title work is the same as Titling a new vehicle or Titling a used vehicle.

Semi-Trucks are registered through the local County Treasurer’s Office or you would notify the state for pro-rate and apportioned plates. The truck registration weight is for the weight of the truck, trailer, and load of both the truck and trailer. There are four different categories to choose from; Regular meaning no mileage restrictions, Local meaning 25 mile radius from address listed on the registration, Farm meaning the vehicle is used for farm use only, and 6,000 Mile meaning the truck will remain under 6000 miles per year. All categories have a weight range from 16M to <80M pounds paying a prorated registration fee with the exception of the 6000 Mile which is not prorated. All of these categories allow a quarterly registration payment by surrendering the title on the first payment by Feb. 15, second payment due by April 1, third payment due by July 1, and last payment due by Oct. 1. Once full payment is received, the state will return the title by mail. The registration fees vary from Regular $103 to $1928, Local and 6000 Mile registration fees vary from $63 to $1003, and Farm registration fees from $38 to $603.

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