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Urban Planning and Land Use

City Wide Master Plan 

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3photos.gif The 2008 Unified Government of Wyandotte County / Kansas City, Kansas City-Wide Master Plan (Master Plan) is a planning guide designed to achieve the community’s vision of a forward looking, environmentally minded city with development that supports healthy neighborhoods and the City’s rich and diverse cultural history. As such, the Plan is intended to:  

  • Serve as a resource for developers, property owners, business owners and residents; 
  • Serve as a marketing tool for environmentally minded industries and businesses; 
  • Incorporate sustainable approaches to development and enhance natural areas; 
  • Revitalize neighborhoods; 
  • Identify a true “multi-modal” transportation network that balances the needs of motorists, transit, pedestrians and cyclists; 
  • Recognize, reinforce and enhance established neighborhood identify and sense of place; 
  • Prioritize public infrastructure investments; and 
  • Outlines an action plan for implementation.  
The City-Wide Master Plan:  (Entire Document)  

Individual Chapters


Table of Contents 


Policy Plan 

Land Use Plan 

Urban Design 

Parks, Open Space and Trails

Plan Influences 


Glossary of Terms  




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