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Urban Planning and Land Use

Development Application  

Land DevelopmentLand Development in Wyandotte County requires good coordination between the development community, neighborhoods, and staff of the Unified Government. 

To accomplish this, the Unified Government requires development applications to go through a development review process where every application goes through a detailed review by development review staff. Staff’s role through the process is to administrate and coordinate the development standards of the city and county. 

This begins by providing direction based on applicable policies, guidelines, codes and professional standards and principles. To access application packages and/or forms to get you started with your development, please click on the one of the links below.   

In an effort to reduce plan sets and improve communication between the applicant and the plan reviewer, the UG is working towards streamlining the plan review process by adding Electronic Document Review (EDR). EDR will be available for the Department of Urban Planning and Land Use applications (Board of Zoning Appeals, City Planning Commission, and Landmarks Commission) and the Development Review Committee (commercial building permit applications). Staff will utilize Adobe Pro to review and generate plan review comments for these applications. Applicants are able to view staff comments with Adobe Reader 

There are obstacles for us to work though before a final product is rolled out, but we are able to offer a soft opening of this process as we continue to work towards our 2014 goals. Our goals are to allow for full electronic submittals though an online application or ftp site, accept credit card payments, and improve the DRC inspection process.  We appreciate your participation in the soft opening and welcome all comments and suggestions on the development of this process.  

The EDR process aims to:               

  •         Reduce the need to print large-scale plans; annual savings projected for development clients.   
  •         Enhanced communication and collaboration across internal and external teams. 
  •         Support concurrent reviews by multiple reviewers on a single set of plans or documents. 
  •         Promote savings in time associated with archiving.   

The EDR guidelines are in addition to the specific document submittals to support your application. Reference the checklist sheet provided with each application for the documents required. 

 Application Packages, Forms, Instructions  

Submission Deadline Calendar

Required Submissions & Required Copies 


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