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Economic Development

"Committed to Serving Wyandotte County, Kansas Businesses" is the goal the Economic Development Division takes very seriously. Whatever the needs may be, the Unified Government's Economic Development Division is committed to working for...

39th Rainbow Project 39th Rainbow Project Central Industrial Park Delaware Ridge Apts. Ribbon Cutting Delaware Ridge Apts. Ribbon Cutting Prairie View Village West Apartments Cerner US Soccer Proposed Training Center
  • Increased job opportunities for local residents;  
  • Increasing the tax base of the community in order to continue to provide high quality services to businesses and citizens;  
  • Creating a quality of life characterized by stable neighborhoods and diverse opportunities;  
  • Diversifying the local economy with growth in new technology, service sector, and tourism industries;
Public Meetings on Current Projects

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    Address   Hours   George Brajkovic   Phone Numbers  
    City Hall   8:00 am to 5:00 pm   Director   P: (913) 573-5730  
    701 N 7th Street   Monday - Friday   Email    
    Suite 421          
    Kansas City, KS            

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