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Location: Director: Hours: Contact:
City Hall 701 N 7th St, Suite 646 Kansas City, KS 66101
J. Renee Ramirez Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
P: (913) 573-5660 F: (913) 573-5006 E: Email
Application Process
  • Accepted Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 5:00PM, and will not be accepted after 5:00PM on the closing date.
  • Fire, Police & Sheriff may have an earlier closing time, please follow the deadline listed on the application instruction sheet.
  • Deputy, Patrol Officer & Firefighter EMT/MICT must be submitted in person to the Human Resources Department. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
How to apply:

If scheduled for an interview, skills testing may be required which will vary by position.

All positions require that the applicant be a resident of Wyandotte county or willing to relocate within (12) months from the date of hire. As a condition of employment all employees must pass a post offer physical examination and drug screen. And submit proof of identity and employment eligibility.

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity in its workforce.

Job Title Dept/Division Salary Closing Date
Administrative Support Specialist District Attorney's Office $15.55-$19.79/hr.
Animal Services Officer Police Department/Animal Services $17.75/hr.
Appraiser Appriser/Residential $2,950.13-$3,756.13/mo.
Buyer Procurement $4,000.53-$5,350.80/mo.
Court Security Officer (Armed) Sheriff's Office $18.32/hr.
Deputy Sheriff's Office $3,756.13-$8,448.27/mo.
Engineer/Project Manager I, II, III, Lead, Senior Public Works/Engineering & Urban Planning and Land Use $3,756.13-$8,448.27/mo. DOQ
Engineering Specialist (Cartography, ESRI, ArcGIS, and GIS) Public Works/Water Pollution Control $15.55-$19.79/hr.
Fire Communications Dispatcher Fire/Communications $18.49/hr.
Firefighter Pending Paramdeic/Firefighter Paramedic Fire Department Pending Paramedics- $3,124.07/mo. Firefighter/Paramedic- $3,592.09/mo
Firefighter Trainee Fire Department $2,138.93/mo.
Fiscal Support Assistant Finance/Treasury $15.70/hr.
Fiscal Support Supervisor Finance/Treasury $3,175.47-$4,149.60/mo.
General Maintenance Worker Public Works/Water Pollution Control $18.00/hr.
Groundskeeper I Parks and Recreation $19.48/hr.
Intensive Supervision Officer Community Corrections/Adult $18.32/hr.
Intern Technology $11.86/hr.
Intern Public Works/Engineering $12.14/hr.
Juvenile Care Worker Sheriff/Juvenile $17.75/hr.
Lifeguard Parks and Recreation $9.12/hr.
Management Analyst (Real Estate Special Project Analyst) Appraiser's Office $4,432.14-$6,047.60/mo.
Office Assistant III 311 Operations $14.94/hr.
Park Maintenance Technician I Parks and Recreation $20.87/hr.
Patrol Officer Police Department $3,666.66-$4,680.74/mo.
Program Coordinator Community Development $4,000.53-$5,350.80/mo.
Prosecutor Legal Department $4,241.47-$5,673.20/mo.
Public Safety Dispatcher Police/Communications $18.86/hr
School Crossing Guard Parking Control $11.34/hr.
Seasonal Laborer Parks and Recreation $12.00/hr.
Security Officer (Armed) Police Department $18.32/hr.
Security Officer (Unarmed) Police Department $15.55/hr.
Summer Outreach Cadet Police Department $9.50/hr.