The Survey Data is In!

3/11/2019 12:00:00 AM

The Merc Co+op Public Meeting Results

The data has been collected from the surveys on the new proposed downtown grocery store. Team members reported that well over 200 non-team members attend the meetings and at least 196 turned in surveys. 
The Director of Urban Planning, Rob Richardson, says that plans for the design received overwhelmingly positive remarks during public meetings held over a two period; twice on one day each week. The public meetings were held at Memorial Hall:

  • Wednesday, February 13
    Meeting 1: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
    Meeting 2: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday, February 21
    Meeting 1: 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    Meeting 2: 5:30 Pm – 7:00 PM
Representatives with The Merc Co+op along Unified Government staff worked collaboratively to plan and schedule the meetings for public input.
“The 4 public meetings were overwhelmingly positive, and the designs were very popular. Perhaps the most interesting feedback I received was how excited people were for the new grocery store and the Merc Co+op,” say Urban Planning Director, Rob Richardson. 
Each person was allowed to participate in a presentation which was then followed by breakout sessions. Then participants were asked to complete a 5-question survey at the end of the session. There were 3 different renderings of the exterior of the store to choose from. Richardson noted that all the images presented received positive results.
The Survey Questions
Using a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 means “Completely Agree” and 1 means “Completely Disagree”, please rate the following statements.
  1. The look and feel of image 1 meets my expectation of a downtown grocery store.
  2. The look and feel of image 2 meets my expectation of a downtown grocery store.
  3. The look and feel of image 3 meets my expectation of a downtown grocery store.
  4. The general style of the building design feels welcoming
  5. I am likely to shop at this downtown grocery store.
The two additional questions on the survey allowed respondents to write in their thoughts about the facility and the products they hope the store offered.
“The most significant data received is that only 10 people had a negative score for the store feeling welcoming. Almost no one marked a negative comment in the likely to shop at the store category,” said Richardson. “I want to thank the entire team for all of the effort they put into getting the UG and community to this point,” said Richardson. “The community is extremely excited!”
So, here are the results of the survey…
  • Looks like # 3 is the clear winner, but also had more negative reaction
  • More than 98 percent were neutral or positive about shopping at the store
  • Over 80 percent were positive or very positive about shopping at the store
  • Only 3 surveys had a negative response to wanting to shop at the store!  
  • Only 5 percent said it did not feel welcoming

Many of the low marks for one design were because someone liked one design and marked the other two down.  There were only a handful that marked all designs poorly. 

  comp agree agree neutral disagree comp disagree no answer
Image 1        37    54    54        7          15         22
Image 2        54    55    41      13            9         20
Image 3        74    42    29      14          20         17
Style Welcoming        91    56    23        5            5         14
Likely to shop      120    39    22        1               2         10